A simple re-introduction to JavaScript

Let’s know javascript history details

Simply JavaScript is a programming language Its syntax is based on the Java and C languages.JavaScript was created in 1995 by Brendan Eich while. He was an engineer at Netscape. It was originally going to be called LiveScript.The first edition of the JavaScriptstandard that year and comes through several editions. The 6th major edition of the standard, published in June of 2015.

JavaScript programs manipulate values, and those values all belong to a type. JavaScript’s types are:

Let’s know Types of javascript value details

Let's know about Number details

Simply Javascript has two built-in numeric types: Number and BigInt(As a beginner skips about it).

Number means (0–9)digits .but it can make some problems during calculation such as 0.1 + 0.2 == 0.30000000000000004;

the solution is a build-in function in Math. such as Math. floor(0.1+0.2)=0.3

Math function also has an awesome function such as Math. max, min, random so one

The parseInt() and parseFloat() functions parse a string until they reach a character that isn’t valid for the specified number format, then return the number parsed up to that point. However, the “+” operator converts the string to NaN if there is an invalid character contained within it. Just try parsing the string “10.2abc” with each method by yourself in the console and you’ll understand the differences better.

Let’s know about String details

Simply string is the sequence of characters. The string is used to preserve data that can be present in text form.

The String can be created two way one is primitive(const string1 = "A string primitive";) and another is as an object(onst string4 = new String("A String object");)

Using charAt and indexing process you can access the character the string. Making a comparison in the string is supper easy .you can use build-in function strcmp() or if condition.

Let’s know about Array details

Simple Javascript Array class is a global object used to constructions of Arrays

This is a simple example of array let names=[“Riyad”,”Hasan”,”Tangil”] . You can change and customize as you want such as you can

1, Add any item in the array from last using names.push();

2.Delete any item from the last using names.pop():

3.Add items from first names.unshift();

4.remove from first names.shift();

4. Know the Index of an array item using Names. index[“Tangil”];

6.Change any items from the array by getting the index number and using Names. splice(Index, number);

7.Copy any of the full array using names.slice()

This is how you can use javascript array for your website

Let’s know about Javascript MATH details

Math is buid in javascript function that can be use for round, random number,comparison and other many sector.

Let’s know about SSL details

SSL means Secure Sockets layer. SSL is a data file that make a link between web browsers and server. The link ensures the all informs of user is secured special e-business related website.

There are 3 types of certificates provided by CU(certificate Authority)

  1. single(for one Domain only)

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